We are moving to Office 365 beginning Spring 2022 for students. If you are a current student, your emails and google drive will be migrated to Office 365. Further instruction will be coming soon.

What will my email address be?
Your ECCC O365 Email username is your first name.lastname name followed by the last 4 digits of your student id# followed by @students.eccc.edu. 

What is my Office 365 password?
Your password should be the same password you use for myEC. 

Where do I go to log in to my ECCC Gmail account?
Go to www.office.com beginning December 13, 2022.  New student accounts will be created a week before classes start in Spring 2022.

When does my Office 365 account go into effect?
If you were not registered in Fall 2021, then your account is created at least a week before you register for classes in Spring 2022.
If you were registered in Fall 2021, then your account is created December 10, 2021.  After that date, you should stop using Gmail and use Office 365 by logging into office.com.

How long after I graduate or leave EC will my ECCC Gmail account remain active?
Student O365 email accounts are inactivated 1 year after the last date enrolled. If you never logged in to your Office 365 account, the account will be deleted in May of the last registered term.  It is the responsibility of the student to save or archive files and emails before the 1 year period. For instructions on how to migrate your email to your personal account, click here.

What web browsers support Office 365?
Click here for updated versions of browsers:  Click here for supported browsers.

What do I do if I forgot my O365 password?
 Follow the instructions by clicking here.

How do I forward my mail to another email account automatically?
Forwarding is not allowed currently for your Office 365 account.

How much storage space do I have for my Office 365 account?
Office 365 currently offers 1TB of space for Education customers (subject to change).